“Friends” is my most popular download

This is an excerpt of Friends, a song I wrote while living on Maui.  We were a long way from our home and the surprise visit of friends from the Mainland led to this song.  I included it in my Album from Maui and later included it in my meditative and reflective CD Refreshing Rain.  I again included it in my book and album: Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions.

If you enjoy this excerpt, please visit my CD Baby site and get the download of Track 5 of Refreshing Rain. And while there, listen to excerpts of the other songs in this album; also check out my other  2 Albums on CD Baby.

In Conversation — latest CD

In Conversation

This is my first Vocal album. It is my 11th album; my other 10 albums are Instrumental.

There are 18 songs on this album. Some are recently recorded where I live on the Central Coast of California.  Others  were recorded several years ago in Michigan or on Maui. The songs all have a personal connection to my life and run the gamut from lullabies for my two grandsons to an art song to songs about Peace, Love and Beauty.

The album was finished in April 2018 after holding My First House Concert. You can hear the last song, “Hold Fast To Your Dream” by going back to HOME and clicking on the YouTube of this song.  A few excerpts will be added in this space….stay tuned.


  1. A World of Peace and Beauty
  2. Jill Came from the Fair
  3. Cosmic Conversation
  4. Hello and Goodbye
  5. Plumeria Tree
  6. Time in a Bottle
  7. When There’s Love in Your Heart
  8. Dandelion Spring/Colors of Summer
  9. Like an Eagle
  10. Shell Seeker
  11. Maui No Ka Oi
  12. Sassy Senior Samba
  13. Come Together in Unity
  14. Beautiful Baby Jack Lullaby
  15. Sweet Charlie Lullaby
  16. It’s a Birthday Party
  17. Seek Peace
  18. Hold Fast to Your Dream

Ann Marie

Release of my latest and most meditative album: “Whispers and Meditations”

It is with great excitement that I release my latest and most meditative album, “Whispers and Meditations.”


It is a full CD with 20 piano solos, all of which are guaranteed to relax and refresh.  The beautiful melodies are guaranteed to provide a refreshing and quietly meditative interlude in a life of busyness and activity. Lovely distraction!

Some of the titles are:  “A Meditation,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Fall Reflection,”  “Whispers on the Wing,” Maui Tradewinds.” All are quietly meditative.

It is my second “meditative” album and I think it is a great way to start the day or a great way to wind down from the day.

The titles are:

  1. Whispers on the Wing:
  2. Maui Tradewinds
  3. Crystals Whirling, Colors Swirling ‘Round the Room
  4. The Orchid
  5. Sweet Dreams
  6. A Meditation
  7. Wonder
  8. Waiting for News
  9. A Walk in the Fields
  10. Family Times
  11. Dreams & Schemes
  12. Hope
  13. California Rain–in Midst of Record Drought
  14. In Trust
  15. Expectantly Waiting
  16. Enigma
  17. So Far Away
  18. Hello & Goodbye
  19. Fall Reflection
  20. Just Another Day

Here is an excerpt of






You can hear excerpts at my just created CD Baby album page. 

So, check it out!