About Ann Marie

Music has played a defining role in Ann Marie’s life. Her love for music began as a very young child with an old Victrola and wax cylinders and continues to this day.

She believes that Music speaks louder than words and that one’s music is meant to be shared. She does this as a gifted instrumentalist—being able to play and having taught all the instruments—and as a composer and performer of her works.

With degrees in Psychology, Music Education, and Music Composition, she has a rare understanding of and sensitivity to people. She has used that gift to write songs that touch others at their deepest level: tears at a wedding, love when singing a lullaby to a newborn baby, laughter at a retirement, and pride in being part of a community celebration.

As a composer, she is proud to offer a most unique and avant garde downloadable eBook of her published book of piano solos now available in iBook format from iTunes: Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions.   Each of the 12 solos comes with embedded music so you can hear the piece before you play it!  Unique, indeed, and ahead of it’s time!  It is also available as a Kindle eBook at Amazon.com, but without embedded music.

You can also purchase her book here at this link: Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions. The book consists of a varied set of pieces that range from songs of joy and swing to tender reflection. She also recorded these pieces in her fourth album with the same name as a companion piece to this book–the CD enables the embedded music on iTunes.

Ann Marie studied Composition with Clark Eastham, Wayne State University, and Lettie Alston, Oakland University, and Tom Flaherty, Pomona College. She also studied flute with Erv Monroe, principal flutist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. But it was Vera Streitzel—her first piano teacher at the tender age of 6—that set her on her life-long path of music!

She is a commissioned and published composer and has written for diverse instruments and vocal ensembles. Her most recent commission was a ragtime–Chicago Cake Walk–for contrabassoon and piano.  She was  commissioned to write the Centennial song for her city, Arroyo Grande, Arroyo Grande: The Place to Be which was enjoyed during the city’s year-long celebration. Her Contrabassoon solos are available at Jeanné, Inc. She has written a book of piano boogies for Alpha Major Publications that is available at their site.

She has recently completed her 11th album!! In Conversation–her first Vocal Album of 18 songs from current to years past in Michigan and Maui. Her 10th CD is a reflective and meditative album of peaceful piano solos, Whispers and Meditations.  Her 9th is Recovery; her 8th is Welcome Home; her 7th is Wonder; her 6th is Monarch Moments  with 18 piano solos and her 5th CD is Whispers on the Wing,  18 piano solos composed in 2013.  Additional albums are Let’s Play!, mentioned above; Refreshing Rain, a meditative and best selling CD; Maui No Ka Oi, piano and vocal works inspired by living on Maui; and Sweet Souvenirs, an eclectic mix of instrumental and vocal styles.

In addition to iTunes and Amazon, her works are available online at Spotify and CDBaby; she has over 50 videos on YouTube; her book is for sale at PianoPress.com, and her CDs are carried at various local music stores, so……check it out!

Ann Marie is a member of ASCAP and lives in the Central Coast of California where she and her husband, Richard, enjoy weekly Boogie Boarding in the cool Pacific and spending as much time as possible with her “other loves”: her grandsons.

Heartsong… Gentle Music of the Heart!