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Gentle Music to Save Your Sanity!

 Welcome To New Friends!
1) Whispers and Meditations Album Just Released
2) Now in eBook: Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions
3) My YouTube Channel
4) More Free Songs to Download1) I am proud to release my 8th album, Whispers and Meditations. The goal of this album is to offer one hour of gentle, quieting and calming music in the midst of today’s stresses.  It is a full album of 20 piano solos, all of which I am performing.  All of these songs are guaranteed to relax and refresh, or your money back!To whet your interest, I am including one excerpt, Whispers on the Wing, so please click here.
It takes you to my website to hear the excerpt.

To hear ALL of the excerpts and to purchase a song or two or the entire album!!, please click here. It will take you to my CDBaby page where this CD is currently being sold.

2) My eBook is out: Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions…it is an avant garde eBook in that in addition to seeing the piano music (from the book I published), there is embedded music for each of the 12 solos. So, you can hear the piece before playing it–isn’t that cool! It is something to at least check out, so go to iTunes and see.  It is also available at Amazon but without the embedded music.

3) I have several videos now up on my YouTube Channel. Check them out by clicking here at YouTube

4) In addition to the 7 songs that are currently offered at my website free for downloading, I’m pleased to offer 2 more which I feel are timely pieces. Click on each piece that will take you to my website to hear and download:
1. Take a Walk
2. Dance of the Insomniac

Peace and Grace to each of you!

Ann Marie