My Heartsong Music Newsletter

My Heartsong Music Newsletter
Issue 22 — June 2015
Dear Friends:

Yeah! It’s summertime….the days are warm and the nights are crisp, so…”Let’s Play!”

Welcome to new friends.

1) Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions is now an eBook
2) Free song available…because “It’s Your Lucky Day–Be Happy ”
3) Refreshing Rain CD still a hit

1) Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions is now available as an eBook!!
My book of 12 piano solos has just gone live as an eBook and is available to be read on two different applications:

1) as an iBook on a iOS device or mac. Click here: for
Here it includes a full length audio for each song, and this is a cool addition. You can click on the music at the start of each song and hear the song as I recorded it!

2) on a Kindle Cloud eBook reader. Click here: for
Unfortunately, you can’t click on the song and hear the music as you can on iTunes, but my CD is also for sale at this site: Click on Amazon where you can hear excerpts as well.
At $4.99 this is inexpensive and is easy to download and use. If you wish to have a copy of the book itself, the paperback edition is available from Amazon for only $9.99
Rebecca of Amazon, a Hall of Fame Reviewer, has left the following gracious review:
“Let’s Play” is a wonderful CD of original piano solos. Ann Marie Kurrasch is a very talented pianist who has her own style and presents many different musical moods. There are relaxing and mellow offerings like “Reflections” and then lively and spirited offerings like “It’s Party Time” and “Hummingbird Waltz.” I especially enjoyed the loving, generous and open heart expanding “A World of Peace and Beauty.” The title really seems to truly embody the feelings in the piano solo. And if you are in the mood for a little melancholy “Mystery” will impress you. “Refreshing Rain” was quite delicate and gorgeous. I enjoyed all the music on this CD and can recommend it to you. Look for the sheet music if you want to learn any of the solos.

2) Free song for you– “It’s Your Lucky Day–Be Happy”

See below to download my latest Free MP3 It’s Your Lucky Day . This is a fun and happy song I recently wrote while “channeling” Randy Newman!! This song was included in my 5th CD, Whispers on the Wing, which consists of 18 of my most recent songs for solo piano. While at my website, check out the other free downloads, most recent blogs, and what’s for sale in my “store.”

3) Refreshing Rain CD

This CD is still my most requested album, full of restful and meditative songs that I wrote when we lived on Maui. Pick up a copy at Amazon or at my website (or from me, those who live on the Central Coast) and give it to someone who is stressed out and needs a relaxing respite and a pleasant listening experience.
Again, to quote Rebecca of Amazon, Hall of Fame Reviewer: “We just had an amazing rainstorm and it was so peaceful afterwards. I wanted to listen to something relaxing and inspirational while reading. All the pieces on this CD are original and beautifully played. Ann Marie Kurrasch touches the heart with her music. This music is hopeful and induces a feeling of love and caring.”
Again… happy !!

Love, Ann Marie

PS: Please contact me if you would like to be removed from this list.