Arroyo Grande: The Place to Be

ag-centennial-logo_smAnn Marie was commissioned by the Arroyo Grande Centennial Committee to write a song for the city’s 100 year anniversary.

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Preparation involved talking with local Historical Society members, reading local books and online accounts of the era, and touring the historic sites of the village. The song is thus in two parts: a chorus and 5 verses.

The chorus is fun and happy and is interactive between the singers and the audience. It also explains what Arroyo Grande actually means—Big Creek—and what a great place Arroyo Grande is to live and to visit…an exciting beginning!

The verses start with the history of the area, the development of the town itself, the importance of agriculture, and the centrality of the historic village. The concluding verse celebrates not just the centennial but the future—truly this is the place to be!

— Ann Marie

Published Score:

Click on the image below for a free, full-size copy of the song’s cover and chorus music. Printed copies are available by contacting Ann Marie… and don’t forget to ask her about an original song you’d like written for your special occasion!