Let’s Play! 12 Piano Solos for All Occasions (2012) – CD




I am excited about the release of this, my fourth CD. It is an engaging album with pieces from such varied genres as meditation, inspiration, boogie and rag, contemporary and joy. The songs were written over a 13 year period of living in varied locations from Michigan to Maui to California and the styles reflect this variety.

I am very proud of this album, having both written and performed all songs on it. The album was professionally recorded at the Blue Universe in San Luis Obispo, CA on a Yamaha C5 Concert Grand Piano. I would especially like to thank Chris Robertson for his assistance in producing this album.

To hear a sampling of all 12 tracks, please go to Amazon.com

Track list:

  1. Stand Tall (4:59)
  2. Mystery (4:27)
  3. Boogie Boardin’ Boogie (1:43)
  4. Refreshing Rain (3:47)
  5. Friends (3:48)
  6. It’s Party Time (2:44)
  7. A Kiss From Grammie (3:29)
  8. A World of Peace & Beauty (3:12)
  9. Hummingbird Waltz (3:17)
  10. Reflections (1:58)
  11. Just Another Day (3:39)
  12. Honeymoon Rag (3:29)

This CD is a great companion for the piano book, and is especially useful to those pianists who enjoy hearing how a piece sounds while learning to play it. Whether you are a pianist or a piano lover, you are sure to enjoy this album!


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